About Us

Laurence Proctor
Laurence Proctor - Technical Director

We provide virtual database support for your ever growing system, we also provide professional consultation to ensure you keep your business running lean and efficiently.

Our job is to take care of your data, to add value to your business, to save you money; thereby allowing you to focus on building your business.
We pride ourselves in providing value to all our customers with every interaction we are engaged in.

Our Chief Technology Officer Laurence has over 15 years of database and IT experience, ranging from a Software House to a Geo Spatial Asset Managed solution Company.

He is Microsoft Certified and holds a high level degree in Software Development (along with continuous learning). Laurence spends a good deal of the time learning new technology, keeping up with new trends and new developments.
He prides himself in learning from some of the industry’s best (like Paul Randal, Kimberley Tripp, Jonathan Kehayias and others to name a few). He believes he can learn from anyone, believing that anyone, no matter their experience has something to bring to the table.
He also has experience with Azure and AWS, working on many aspects of both Cloud providers.