Maintenance and Monitoring

We also provide database monitoring support, whereby performance monitoring is a standard offering of the product. This allows us to not only provide cost effective support for your system, but also enabling us the ability to be aware of performance issues proactively, and have the power to categorise ad-hoc queries that would normally have been impossible to track down.

FX My Data Monitoring allows us to proactively be alerted to issues on your server. We can then alert you, and work with you to fix the issues found.
This monitoring software allows us to configure customised alerts, and so if there is a critical pathway in your business, rest assured we can assist, and get you the support that’s fit for your needs.
See below for the benefits of the monitoring we use and provide.
* Monitoring – Our low impact monitoring agent collects telemetry stats from Queries, Resource usage, Code changes, Security audit, Errors, Blocking and Jobs.
* Portal – View your telemetry from our ergonomic portal, designed from decades of SQL DBA and Developer experience diagnosing issues in real world database systems.
* Alerts – Receive alerts when resources are running high or low, scheduled jobs fail or a range of other sensors you can define.
* API – Collect data from our API for use in your own reports or analytical tools such as Splunk.

How we have helped some of our happy customers

As mentioned in our database development case study, the system we developed allowed our customer to carry out proactive and vigilant monitoring which not only prevented potential loss of clients, but saved them a great deal of money in losses.

“Our customer was facing an issue whereby they were experiencing loss of business due to internal employees stealing data.

We were consulted to come up with a solution.

Simply put we developed a solution to monitor and capture abnormal patterns in data access; the metadata we captured was then processed and processed by our FX My Data Dashboard, where we then notified our customer of possible data theft.

Almost right away, the perpetrators were caught, and the phishing stopped abruptly. This solution has been in place for 5 years now, and with regular updates, it’s still a solution that keeps our customer’s data safe.”

With our database monitoring solution, rest assured we can take the pain out of you having to manage and keep an eye on your databases.  It is quite common for errors to be missed on a day to day basis; that’s where our proactive monitoring comes into its own. You are not paying for database software, but for day-in day-out database expertise and advice on how to drive up efficiency, and reduce costs.