Optimisation Performance Specialist

We have a wealth of experience here. Being that we start with Database health checks, we start with contextual information about your system; that way, we can carry out detailed analysis, and can and will be able to get to the root of your problem.

We have had many wins in many companies, having minimal exposure to their business – ranging from database close to 25 TB, to clustered Always On servers with hundreds of databases on one server, to databases with geo-spatial information, to SQL Server Broker queues, to databases in unsupported versions. 

There is no problem we’re unwilling to tackle.

How we have helped some of our happy customers

Many of our customers have wildly differing systems, and the abundance of opportunities have been key to our experience in this area.

We have developed an automated Windows solution that can execute bespoke code (with minimal effort) to carry out all kinds of operations from importing data using API calls, to executing trace calls to capture data executions, to parsing emails into data, and then driving ETL workflows into reporting databases.

We also develop (using native T-SQL) highly optimal solutions from custom efficient housekeeping, to re-modelling SSAS tabular models. We have experience developing SQL broker workflows, and even geospatial data.