FX MY DATA Style Guide

About this style guide and how to use it.

This style guide defines our Logo, Colours, Fonts and other elements to keep our business branding consistent.

It should always be used as a reference for any “Graphic Design” relating to this brand/business, including: Stationery, Signage, Advertisements, Digital Marketing etc.

To avoid any misunderstandings about our branding, we will send a link to this page to any Graphic Designer doing work for us.

This style guide defines 3 main colours as RGB values. With two variations on each colour.  Any print should use a close approximation of CMYK values.

Primary is the primary colour and should be the most featured colour in your logo.

Secondary is the secondary colour. It should be used to highlight / accent any sections that draw attention, such as a Call to action.

Accent is the accent colour. It should be used sparingly to accent items, e.g. an underline.

All Graphic Design/Artwork must use these colours. Should a design require more colours, only use variations of these colours by adjusting Saturation and/or Brightness. Hue must never be adjusted as this would produce a completely unrelated colour and not comply with our brands style.

This style Gude defines:

Standard LogoTo be used generally on white or light coloured backgrounds
Alt LogoTo be used on darker backgrounds
IconTo be used as Favourite Icon, Desktop Shortcuts etc

All logo files are supplied as Adobe Illustrator, PNG, SVG and PDG format

This style guide defines all fonts used for headings and body copy.

For each element, the Font Name, Foundry and Size is defined. These fonts must be used on all digital and print media wherever possible.

For editable documents that will be made available to clients, e.g “Microsoft Word”.  The client’s computer may not have these fonts installed. Therefore, use the closet available standard fonts. e.g. :

  • For Serif Fonts use the font “Times” or “Times New Roman”
  • For Sans Serif Font use the font “Arial”


Colours based on a 3 colour system. Primary, Secondary and Accent. With two variations on each. Only the Saturation and Brightness must be used for variations.  

Primary : #6EC1E4

Should be most dominant colour

Primary S: #B0D5E4

Primary with Saturation adjusted

Primary B : #8AA7B3

Primary with Brightness adjusted

Secondary: #E4981A

Next most used colour

Secondary S: #E4BA74

Secondary with Saturation adjusted

Primary B : #BD9A60

Secondary with Brightness adjusted

Accent : #61CE70

Least used colour, for highlights etc.

Accent S: #95BA95

Accent with Saturation adjusted

Accent B : #738F73

Accent with Brightness adjusted


The following logos are intended for branding and promotion of FX MY DATA only. 

To use these logos on any Branding, Marketing or other materials, you must attain written permission from an authorised FX MY DATA PTY LTD representative. 

Any use of these logos without written permission may result in legal action.








Heading 1

Montserrat (Google Font)  40px
40px , weight 700

Heading 2

Montserat  (Google Font) 
32px , weight 600

Heading 3

Montserat  (Google Font) 
16px , weight 400, All Uppercase

Heading 4

Verdana 24px, weight 500,


Verdana, 14.4px, weight 400